To develop our community, collaborations and volunteer experience we have established a Communication Advisory Board.



Board members

Antoine Emond, Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft

Antoine is a director at Massive Entertainment, a studio crafting some of the hottest IPs in the video game industry. He is also a prominent advocate for consumer centricity and PC gaming within Ubisoft.

Fond of the video game scene since his earliest age, Antoine was involved over the years in several organizations aiming to democratize access to gaming. His second love is technology and Antoine worked at Microsoft for several years.

Antoine believes that technology, science and entertainment can enrich people’s lives, unleash their potential and help address some of the biggest challenges that humanity is facing.

Jonas Gustavsson, Digital Labs, IKEA
Jonas Gustavsson is collaborative leader at IKEA´s Digital Labs with
an international track record of over 25 years of experience spanning
management, product development and research in graphics, games,
computational imaging and distributed computing. Prior to IKEA Jonas
spent time at Samsung, Sony, Ubisoft, NewTek and ran a consultancy
visual effects company for a number of years. His main effort at IKEA
centers around strategic innovation, partnership management and
production pipeline development for real-time content in e-commerce.
Pedro, PCMR
Pedro is a trial and appellate attorney who works with criminal, civil and commercial law. He’s originally from Portugal but considers himself to be a citizen of the world.
At the same time, Pedro is the founder and lead of one of the world’s largest PC and technology related online communities: PCMR.
At PCMR he wants to change the world, by being a positive force for PC gamers and technology enthusiasts everywhere the internet reaches. Pedro believes that access to technology is an essential element for making the world a better place for everyone and utilizing that technology to tackle some of the biggest problems is, as Folding@Home does, key to our success.

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