Folding@home’s New Co-Director: Prof. Gregory Bowman

It’s with great pride that I am announcing that Prof. Gregory Bowman will join me as a Co-Director of Folding@home.  I’ve known Greg for over a decade, as he was a member of the Pande Lab at Stanford as both a graduate student and a postdoctoral fellow.  At Stanford, Greg’s Folding@home simulations made a major impact in our understanding of protein folding.  Moreover, Greg played a key role in the development of Markov State Model methods, with Greg being a key founding contributor to the MSMBuilder software package, now used by numerous labs around the world.  After his time at Stanford, Greg held a prestigious Miller Fellow position at UC Berkeley, where he combined advances in theory and experiment in numerous biophysical applications.  He then moved on to start his own lab as a professor at Washington University in St Louis.  Greg has a long, active history with Folding@home and is an ideal choice to help take Folding@home into its third decade and beyond.