Issues with FahCore21

We’ve discovered that the new FahCore_21 is producing more errors than we consider acceptable for some clients.  The error rate seems to depend on several factors but most noticeable is that it doesn’t work well with second generation Maxwell GPUs.  A few projects have made their way through Advanced testing have been distributed to everyone under the default “FAH” client-type setting.  To allow donors to limit this exposure, those projects have been reclassified as “Advanced” which is appropriate for a FahCore that is still under development.

As has always been the case, the “Advanced” setting will give you access to newer projects which may have a higher error rate.  It is our intention to provide only the safest assignments with the default setting or you can choose to configure your system to run these advanced projects depending on how frequently you encounter these errors.

These conditions are expected to improve as new projects, new versions of that FahCore, or new versions of the drivers incorporate whatever fixes are required.  In the meantime, Work Units which are completed successfully allow scientific research to progress toward even more challenging projects than we’ve done so far.