Folding@Home client for Android Mobile phones

We’re happy to announce that our Folding@Home client for Android Mobile phones has now entered the next stage of beta. This version is available to all Android Mobile phones with version 4.4 (Kitkat) and above. The version also contains an update of the mmlib.

Scientifically, as in our previous beta run, we continue to focus on breast cancer with our mobile app. In this project, we’re investigating the nature of drug resistance mutations in key proteins (kinases) that are targets for breast cancer drugs. By studying the nature of how these mutations change these key drug targets, we will be able to both advance our basic biophysical understanding of these key proteins as well as build a tool to be used for patient specific breast cancer treatment— by sequencing the tumor and seeing what mutations are present, our tool seeks to recommend the best drug for a specific patient.

We are planning user experience updates in the coming months, including updates in areas suggested by donors. We have been very excited about the donor reaction so far. The beta version has been downloaded more than 150,000 times worldwide, with more than 53,000 mobile phones contributing at the same time.