Updated psummary page

Our psummary, or project summary, is a Web page we publish which lists information about all currently active folding projects.  Last fall, we updated psummary to work with our new assignment server (AS).  Initially, we published the new psummary to a new URL and left the old psummary in place.

Since the old psummary does not contain information about some new projects, and the new psummary and AS have stabilized, we have decided it is finally time to deprecate the old psummary.  Next week we will replace the old psummary with the new.

This change may impact some third-party tools which parse the psummary HTML but we hope the developers of these tools will update their code soon.  To mitigate such problems in the future we now also publish the psummary data in JSON format. Third-party tools should use the JSON data instead of parsing the HTML, which may change from time to time.