New psummary page

As part of our recent assignment server upgrades we are rolling out a new psummary page (which lists all of the active Folding@home projects).  This new page includes projects which are no longer visible in the old psummary system.  The new psummary uses a more modern HTML but is otherwise the same.

We have aimed to make psummary backwards compatible with 3rd party tools which parse this data.  However, there may be some inconsistencies depending on how these tools operate.  To help eliminate such problems in the future we have exposed psummary in JSON format via the AS here:


The new psummary is here:


The previous HTML psummary will continue to be found here for a while:

Note , we plan to eventually deprecate the old psummary and therefore encourage 3rd party tool creators to update their software to use the new URL as soon as possible.