A subreddit for Folding@home donors to discuss topics

At https://www.reddit.com/r/foldingathome, we’ve created a subreddit  dedicated to improving the bi-directional flow of communication between Folding@home donors, researchers, and developers. Although the official community-driven technical support forum is over in foldingforum.org, that board’s phpbb format makes it challenging for researchers and developers to quickly see what feedback topics are the most popular at a given time. Reddit has several advantages in this regard; it’s easy to upvote topics that are on-topic and helpful, and comments-on-comments feature allows for subtopics to exist without completely derailing the top-level responses.

In short, it’s a better system for certain types of communication than the forum. Although technical support is in the Folding Forum, you can submit topics on the subreddit for general discussions on Folding@home.