Breast Cancer and Her2 Kinase: Projects 9104-9114

We are continuing to make a big push into studying cancer. Next up, is work relevant for breast cancer. Specifically, we have started to study the Her2 Kinase, a part of the EGFR family of Tyrosine kinases, responsible for initiating a host of biochemical pathways. These kinases are critical for regulating cell division and thus mutations within the EGFR family have been linked to various types of cancers, including breast and pancreatic cancer.

The aim of projects 9104 to 9114 is to understand the effect of certain mutations in the kinase domain of Her2. We are also hoping to find new druggable states within the system for creating the next generation of targeted cancer therapeutics, as well as to study the effect of mutations, which will give us insight into mutations present in breast cancer tumors.


Model of ATP bound to Her2 Kinase