Major Milestone for FAH: breaking the 40-PetaFLOP barrier

We’d like to thank and congratulate all of our donors for helping us break the 40-PetaFLOP barrier.  We’ve been working hard to make it easier to run the client and also making more of a push to get the word out about what FAH has done and what it’s doing.   It’s great to see this response.

We’re also grateful to some large corporate donors.  At the moment, they would like to stay anonymous, but we are expecting to make an announcement about their participation some time in the future.  We’ve also been working on new directions for FAH, with some of them recently released (such as the NaCl client) and others still in the works.

Finally, I’d like to note that we have a strategic plan for the types of new calculations we can do at the 100 PetaFLOP and 1000 PetaFLOP scale.  When/if we reach those levels, we’re excited to roll out those new, even more ambitious projects.