The release of our latest Folding@home desktop client

Here is a guest post by Joseph Coffland, Folding@home Developer:

We are very happy to announce the release of our latest Folding@home desktop client. This version sports a new streamlined Web interface as well as numerous improvements to the user experience and folding performance. Both our internal and beta testing teams have worked hard to ensure that this is one of the best tested and most stable Folding@home clients to date.



The new Web interface was designed to be easier than ever to use. It now displays your user and team points and has a very clear start and stop button and a power slider bar which allows you to quickly control how much of your computing resources are contributed. Power users can continue to use the FAHControl advanced interface which enables monitoring and control of entire folding farms.

Of course Folding@home would not be possible if not for its contributors. The Folding@home network currently consists of about a quarter of a million active computers and is nearing a top speed of 40 PetaFLOPs. That is faster than any scientific computing system in the world. Although these achievements are impressive, we are aiming to push the envelope even further with innovations such as the recently released NaCl folding client which allows you to run Folding@home in the Google Chrome browser without installing any additional software. Upcoming innovations in this area will make it possible to rapidly grow your folding teams using social media.

To achieve both the technological and scientific goals we’ve aimed to make this client easier to use and more reliable than ever so you can feel confident about encouraging others to install Folding@home. If you do run into problems our ears are open. Join the discussion at where numerous Folding@home experts are ready to help. Happy folding!

Joseph Coffland
Folding@home Developer
Cauldron Development LLC