Changes in Core17: update and move to full fah

With FAH GPU Core17 taking over the lion share of our calculations, with the older cores (especially core15 and core16) phasing out (as previously announced), we’re rolling out core 17 to full fah (not just adv).  This should hopefully resolve the issue that many GPU donors have been seeing in terms of not getting any work, now that Core15 and Core16 jobs are at end of life.

We’ve also released a new update to Core17, version 0.0.52, which is a minor update, with the following changes:

Core17 Release Notes:

-Much more responsive exiting

-Fixed bugs related to visualization for next version of the FAHViewer

-Disabled some internal debug code

-For Windows NVIDIA Users running on a single GPU, we’ve enabled a new feature called temperature control that pauses the core internally. This is disabled by default.

-To enable temperature control, a pair of additional arguments are required:

tmax (maximum temperature threshold in Celsius), must be less than 110

twait (minimum wait duration in seconds), must be at least 900

-if temperature > tmax, then the GPU waits for at least twait seconds

-these can be passed in via extra-core-args in the config.xml file :

<slot id=’0′ type=’GPU’>

<extra-core-args v=’-tmax=80 -twait=900’/>


-Removed dependency of glib.