Updates on GPU issues

We've been working to fix two issues with GPU clients in FAH.  Here's an update:

1) There was an issue with NVIDIA clients with G80 GPUs getting stuck in a core_outdated download infinite loop.  This has now been resolved.  This was caused when we stopped older projects which used core_11 (which the G80's were primarily running) and now the G80's are directed to more recent projects.  However, with the ending of the old projects and the start of the new ones, that means G80 GPUs go to core_15, which has much more strict testing for GPU memory errors.  Several donors have reported that these tests are failing with their boards.  We are looking into whether this is an issue with our test or potentially that the boards are not capable of running the latest core.  So, while the core_outdated loop issue appears now to be fixed, there is another unresolved issue which we are continuing to look into.

2) There was a second issue with ATI clients getting directed to servers running NV WU's.  This error is also unresolved at the moment, but we have a handle on what's happening on our end and have a team working on it.  I don't have any news here to report other than we can see the issue cause in our logs, which is the first step to fixing it.