The Folding@home article on Wikipedia is now a Featured Article

Here's a guest post from Jesse Victors, one of the volunteers helping with Folding@home documentation.

I am pleased to announce that the Folding@home article on Wikipedia is now a Featured Article. Following a peer review and a thorough month-long discussion, other editors agreed that it met the Featured Article criteria. This means that it's encyclopedic, well written, comprehensive, well researched, neutral, stable, and uses summary style. If you are new to the Folding@home project, or would like to learn more, I would highly recommend that you read this article. There are plenty of details on all aspects of Folding@home, but I tried to avoid technical language so it should be understandable by almost anyone. I've also summarized many of publications from FAH (see the Papers page) as well as other scientific literature, which can be helpful if you're curious about how this project works or what it has accomplished so far. The article is currently scheduled to appear on Wikipedia's Main Page as a Featured Article of the Day on November 1st, so keep an eye out for that!