Bonus for A4-core based projects

We’ve noticed a significant number of high priority projects are trailing behind existing projects. Newer projects are aimed at interpreting and guiding experiments where the full power of Folding@home (F@h) is essential to continue pushing the boundaries of scientific and medical discoveries.

The main cause of this issue is the core version needed to run these simulations. Many of our newer SMP projects use the A4 core, which has several scientific advancements while existing projects use the still important A3 core. The A4 core is not compatible with Clients below version 6.34 and many donors are still running these older Client versions.

This presents an opportunity to encourage people to donate their cycles towards these vital A4 projects. To emphasize the scientific importance of these work units, we are boosting the base points of all A4 work units by 10% when uploaded (Note that this bonus will not be reported by V7 or by the 3rd party applications which project PPD but the points will appear when your statistics are credited). The quick return bonuses will be calculated on top of the increased base points. This will start on Monday, July 23, 2012, and we will keep this 10% bonus in effect for at least 3 months as a trial period, but plan to keep it longer, as needed.

To participate, donors should be running a recent version of the F@h Client. We strongly encourage Windows users to update to the much improved V7 Client. Although F@h Client v6.34 or newer is sufficient to participate for any supported operating system. Please note the Linux and OSX V7 Clients are a work in progress and feedback is welcomed.