Folding@home Consortium Conference 2012

On Friday May 25 at Stanford University, we had the first "all-hands on deck" scientific conference for the Folding@home Consortium.  The goals were to discuss recent scientific advances, share new techniques for how to better use FAH, as well as to plan for new infrastructure advancements in FAH for the next year.

I'll blog about some important news from the meeting in future posts.  For now, I'll mention that the meeting worked out very well, with lots of new scientific advancements mentioned as well as great discussions on how we can make FAH better from the scientific and donor points of view.

Here's a picture of (almost all of) the attendees.

Pictured, from top left, going right: TJ Lane (Stanford), Dr. Jason Wagoner (Stanford), Prof. Dr. Vincent Voelz (Temple), Dr. Sidney Elmer (Sandia National Lab), Dr. Fancesco Pontaggia (Brandeis), Dr. Lan Hua (UCSF), Bruce Borden (, Joseph Coffland (Cauldron Development), Dr. Diwakar Shukla (Stanford), Dr. Lee-Ping Wang (Stanford), Steven Kearnes (Stanford), Kyle Beauchamp (Stanford), Dr. Greg Bowman (UC Berkeley), Dr. Relly Brandman (UCSF), Robert McGibbon (Stanford), Prof. Dr. Yu-Shan Lin (Tuffs), Prof. Dr. Matt Jacobson (UCSF), Prof. Dr. Jesus Izaguirre (Notre Dame), Prof. Dr. Vijay Pande (Stanford), Prof. Dr. Michael Shirts (University of Virginia), Dr. John Chodera (UC Berkeley/QB3), Prof. Dr. Peter Kasson (University of Virginia), Prof. Dr. Xuhu Huang (Hong Kong).  Not shown:  Prof. Dr. Chris Snow.