Web page revamp and v7 rollout

We're installing a new web page for our main site https://foldingathome.org/.  While we're not done quite yet, the main changes are in.  Hopefully the new site is cleaner and simpler, both in aesthetics and in ability to navigate.  

ViewerThis also coincides with our official rollout of the version 7 (v7) client software for Folding@home.  This new client is a complete rewrite with the intention to make it much easier for donors to contribute to Folding@home.  In particular, the new client unifies the classic, SMP, and GPU clients into a single download.  Also, installation (especially of the more high performance clients such as SMP and GPU) is much easier than before.  Finally, the revamped viewer should also be a much better user experience for FAH donors.  

All in all, our hope is that these combined changes make it much easier for people to understand what we're about and to help contribute to Folding@home.