update on v7 client progress

It's been a little while since our last v7 beta release (v7.1.24) and so I wanted to give donors some sense of what's going on.  We've been working on internal testing of two releases past the current beta release and fixing bugs along the way.  While we could in principle release v7.1.25 to open beta, there are enough todo items that we've decided to hold off a bit until it's a bit cleaner and further along.  However, we're not going to hold off forever of course, just long enough for our developers to make some significant progress, especially since doing a release generates a lot of feedback, which takes developers away from coding.

To give some sense of where we are, here's the internal release notes for two recent builds (v7.1.25 and v7.1.26).  Note that v7.1.26 is still in progress.  Also, the #'s after the comment refer to our bug tracker.  We have opened up the bug tracker, so one can see progress directly there on a daily basis if you're interested.


v7.1.26 (still under development):

  * Failed upload attempt could cause WU to dump before it was expired. #679.

  * Added AMD Radeon HD 6600 Series to GPU white-list.

  * Fix failure to restart FAHControl in OSX when 'start minimized'.  #649.

  * Fixed a socket bug that could cause the loss of the end of a message.

  * Build OSX client in 32-bit mode with Intel compiler.



  * Hide 'Quit on window close' option in OSX.

  * Fixed some problems with WU assign time and time offset calculations.

  * Detect and ignore invalid assign time from older WS.

  * Log computed WS time offset.

  * Removed warning from Slot configuration about changing threads mid-run.

  * Catch and log error accessing battery info in /sys on Linux

  * Fix grayed out name and IP in client add after viewing local client. #640.

  * Remove 'RS480 PCI-X Root Port' from GPU whitelist. #635

  * Added a few new Radeon HD 6xxx cards.

  * Added Nvidia GTX 590 device ID 0x1088 to whitelist.

  * Increase Radeon HD 5xxxx and 6xxxx GPU type level by one. #653.

  * Don't fail WS connections if all data was recieved even on net error.

  * Print IP Address with 'Uploading' message.

  * Fixes for OSX minimize and quit bugs. #649 & #659.

  * Limit max CPUs per slot to system count. #652.

  * Attempt to fix #654.

  * Release system resources when querying OSX battery status.  #650.

  * Don't send 'auth' command from FAHControl if empty. #658.

  * Fixed 'slot-add' NULL pointer exception. #666.

  * Fixed 'log-updates start' error. #671.

  * Fixed FAHClient script parsing bug. #676.

  * Show 'Remote Access' tab in advanced mode. #648.

  * Don't allow minimizing to sys-tray if it is not there.  #670.

  * Also print core return code numbers in hex. #677.

  * Print times in ISO 8601 format. #664.

  * Expire WUs in sending status.