Testing Quick Return Bonus (QRB) with classic WUs

We have had for some time a Quick Return Bonus (QRB) for multi-core/SMP WU's.  The nature of QRB is that donors get extra points for returning the WU early.  The rationale here is to align what's best to accelerate the science (getting WUs back quicker so next generation WUs can be made and sent out to donors) with what the donors see (points).  In the past, we've simply mentioned to donors that it's ideal for us to get WUs back faster, but the QRB formalizes this and is an attempt to align incentives.  

We are testing it with the classic A4 core now.  I stress the word testing since we are looking to see what are the implications of rolling this out more broadly (there can always been unforseen complications of anything as complex as FAH).  However, the general idea of aligning incentives is pretty clear, so hopefully we will be able to tweak the QRB plan if problems arise.  

For more details on which project, etc, please see this thread in the FoldingForum.