Update in FAH stats by Operating System

We have been tracking down a bug in our stats by operating system page and it looks like we have now found it.  Basically, we were counting SMP clients as giving 1 CPU.  This grossly undercounted the total number of CPUs, especially for Linux and OSX.  Please note that we have only updated this particular page (stats by operating system) and are looking into updating other ones with the additional information of the number of CPUs per client.

There is a remaining known issue with under-reporting the number of  NVIDIA clients.  We are working on this.

For those who are curious, here's the latest as of 5 min ago:


Client statistics by OS

OS TypeNative TFLOPS*x86 TFLOPS*Active CPUsTotal CPUs
Mac OS X/PowerPC444505141460
Mac OS X/Intel10110124526134420
ATI GPU8969456307139443
NVIDIA GPU3296942068215909

Total number of non-Anonymous donators = 1478538
Last updated at Mon, 08 Nov 2010 15:27:38
DB date 2010-11-08 16:38:48
Active CPUS are defined as those which have returned WUs within 50 days. Active GPUs are defined as those which have returned WUs within 10 days (due to the shorter deadlines on GPU WUs). Active PS3's are defined as those which have returned WUs within 15 days.
*TFLOPS is the actual teraflops from the software cores, not the peak values from CPU/GPU/PS3 specs. Please see our main FAQFLOPS FAQPS3 FAQ,NVIDIA GPU FAQ, or ATI GPU FAQ for more details on specific platforms.