Recent talk of results from Folding@home

Donors are often curious to hear about recent results.  While one can read our papers, listed on our web site, those are fairly technical and intended for a biological or biophysical audience.  The talk I gave at GTC 2010 ("Folding@home:  Petaflops on the cheap today, exaflops soon?") was intended for a computational audience, so it may be more approachable than the papers, especially for those more familiar with the computational side of FAH, rather than the biological.  You can see it here.

I talk a bit about how FAH works and some recent results in protein folding (pushing past the millisecond timescale), protein misfolding disease (Alzheimer's) and viral infection.  If you're curious about how FAH works or what we've done recently, this might be of interest to you.