SMP2 preview client (v 6.30)

I've talked about our work with our second generation SMP client (dubbed SMP2).  The goals were to make it work much more simply and easier for donors, namely by getting rid of the need for MPI libraries.  This is no small feat and the bulk of the credit goes to the Gromacs developers who pushed on this.

We have a SMP2 preview client (v6.30) on our High Performance Client Download Page (scroll to the bottom of the page) as well as updated SMP guide and FAQ.  We're still calling this a beta client while we test SMP2.  However, this technology is already part of our new v7 client and our plan is for SMP2 to be a standard part of FAH when the v7 client rolls out of beta testing.  On a side note, the v7 is currently doing well in QA and I hope we'll have an open beta test of it soon, eg in the next few months if not sooner.