Update on WU shortage

We've been working on the WU shortage issue and have some positive items to report.

First, we have greatly improved the AS logic so it uses more information about the CPU.  This information is only available in the v6 client or later, so it is important to upgrade to v6 if you're not getting WUs.  The main jist is that we can now identify directly whether a machine has SSE or SSE2 support directly, so we can better assign to cores that only support SSE or SSE2 (such as the protomol core, which currently only supports SSE2).  This should be a big help to Linux clients as well, which were not well handled by the AS before.

Second, there are a lot of available WUs for Protomol right now, but only for advanced methods clients.  If you would like to try that out, set your client for the "Advanced Methods" setting.  Note that the Protomol team looks to have fixed the checkpoint bug (which has kept this core in the Advanced Methods QA level) and we hope to roll out this core to all of FAH once again, with this issue fixed.

Finally, we have also identified a potential issue with the AS code which might make its logic fail in certain cases.  Basically, in the old days of FAH, we could get away with 32-bit floating point numbers for internal AS calculations, but now with so many servers and all of FAH's complexities, floating point roundoff for certain AS logic could be causing problems.  We will be working on a fix for this, but this is something we must do carefully (not just a global replace of float -> double) and so it will take some time to implement and test this.