low on jobs for Pentium 2/Pentium 3 CPUs — and a discussion for why that happens and how you can help

We're low on jobs for machines w/o SSE capabilities.  We are working to fix this.

By the way, I often get asked "how come FAH can get low on jobs?"  This is a good question, considering that since FAH studies temporal phenomena, when one (Work Unit) WU comes in, the work servers automatically build the next one.  So, it should be impossible (o rat least very difficult) to run out of jobs, IF everyone plays by the rules.

But that's not the case.  Many people attempt to "cherry pick" WUs, i.e. they dump WUs until they get one which is most favorable for them points-wise.  This means that they take away WUs from other people, since our server waits until the WU times out before sending it to someone else.  This can take a long time on certain WUs.

We have several schemes implemented to fight cherry picking and keep WUs flowing to all the donors, but some times the cherry picking gets very aggressive and we run out of WUs, like today.  We are looking into addressing this issue short term (getting more jobs going) as well as long term (better solutions to cherry picking problems).  The FFF bonus scheme is such an example of a plan, which seems to be working reasonably well.  We are looking into expanding it more broadly.

However, you can help us help other donors (and keep our research going).  Please do not cherry pick WUs.  This slows down FAHs progress, makes other donors unhappy, and (eg based on FFF schemes) will lead to lower points for those who do this in the future.