Shortage on "small" WU's

Here's a heads up for donors running with clients configured for small WUs (v6 clients) or normal WUs (in pre-6 clients); note that this does not affect "big WU" client configs for v6 or earlier.  It looks like we're running low on those over the weekend.  I hope to have this resolved by Monday, but likely not tomorrow (Sunday).  One workaround is to configure your client for medium-sized WUs:

 Acceptable size of work assignment and work result packets (bigger units
may have large memory demands) -- 'small' is <5MB, 'normal' is <10MB, and
'big' is >10MB (small/normal/big) [normal]?

This option states a preference for the size of work units downloaded and uploaded to the project servers. Bigger units will also have bigger memory requirements. If you run on a slower broadband or dialup internet connection, small is the recommended setting to ease your bandwidth usage.

Please see our installation guides if you're not familiar with these settings.  In general, the larger the setting here, the less likely we'll run out of WUs, since we'll assign small WUs to big WU clients if we run out of big WUs to give out, but of course won't send big WUs to small WU clients.