Stats db update complete

We're done with the bulk of our initial update to new hardware.  We'll be doing some more work in the future to build up some additional capacity, namely hopefully getting to the point where the stats are never off line.  For now I think we're in good shape.  The stats are much faster than before, so we've turned back on a lot of the capabilities we previously turned off.  Also, stats update are taking about 5 minutes and now are limited not so much by db access than by other issues.

Moreover, we have now set the third party stats to update once an hour (instead of once every 3 hours).  It's set to update 10 minutes before the hour, every hour, so checking on the hour should be safe.

Note that the pages that are updated are:
Please do not use scripts to access our main pages (i.e. anything with a cgi-bin in the url). We reserve the right to ban any IP that violates this rule, as it slows down the stats for everyone else.