Updates on new cores: Protomol and GPU3 core

There has been a lot of work on updating the Protomol core to bring it in line with the other cores in Folding@home.  I'm happy to say that a lot of progress has been made and it's looking much better.  Joe will continue to test it, but it looks close to be moving to the next levels of QA.

The GPU3 core is also moving along.  It will be called core_15 (the natural next number in the GPU series).  The main changes there have been to incorporate the updated GPU code from OpenMM.  OpenMM was based on our FAH GPU MD code to start, but has had several enhancements and additions.  In particular, it should be much more stable than the previous FAH GPU MD cores.  However, this stability does come at a mild cost in performance.  We will address this at the benchmarking stage, since all core 15 (GPU3) projects will start fresh, not continuing existing projects.