Importance of software and data integrity

The scientific code underlying
our research has a lot of dials and switches.  It can be very tempting to play with those switches to optimize
the calculations.  However, many of
the code settings can impact scientific results in non-obvious ways.  It can also hurt scientific
reproducibility.  It is therefore
extremely important not to modify the scientific cores or data for Folding@Home
calculations. Returning any work results with modified cores or data can taint
both your results and the results of any WU's calculated on the basis of those.  Thus even well-meaning optimization can
potentially hurt the scientific value of the project substantially.  This is why the EULA specifically prohibits such modifications.

When you donate to Folding@Home,
we give you a number of "dials" at the client level that you can use
to adjust your contributions.  Many
donors find that tuning these "dials" and their machine configuration
can optimize their contribution. 
Please use only the controls provided by the client and the operating
system; do not modify the cores or Folding@Home data in any way.  Doing so is the equivalent of providing
a tainted donation.  When we detect
such tainted donations, we may remove points awarded, decline further donations
by blocking work assignment, or take further action.  We greatly appreciate your contributions to Folding@Home;
please don't devalue your collective work by undermining the scientific results.