Planned shutdown today: update

We hit a few snags with bringing back one of the servers, so we've left the stats update down until we could resolve the problem.  It looks like we have a reasonable fix for now, so we're going to turn the stats update back on.  This means the stats will likely take a while to update due to the backlog, but all the points from the last 10 hours or so should be coming in.

We will likely take the stats update off line again tomorrow morning so we can make a longer term fix to the issue at hand that slowed us down today.

However, in general, the outage went ok, especially considering it included a major migration of hardware.  The new hardware should be much more reliable (0.5 year old vs 5 years old) and also much more versatile and sophisticated.

Almost all of the migration is done, but the last main bit of infrastructure that needs to be migrated is the stats system, which we're waiting for a new server to come in.