New donation page

In addition to those donating computer time, we have been very grateful to people who have also donated funds to the Folding@home project.  These funds have been important in purchasing equipment (eg servers) or services (eg professional programmers) that are traditionally difficult to purchase from grants from NIH or NSF.

In coordination with Stanford's development office, Stanford has made a special donation page just for Folding@home:

This new web page makes donating funds to Folding@home a lot easier, since one does not have to do input special codes to make sure that the funds are directed to Folding@home. 

Stanford is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity and thus a donation of money to Folding@home is tax deductible. Stanford's Federal Tax ID number is 94-1156365. Also, many companies help individuals donate to Stanford by providing matching funds. 

You can learn more details at our Donation page: