OpenMM workshop — @ Stanford Feb 12, 13

I've talked about OpenMM before — it's the library we're releasing to allow other scientists to take advantage of the great speed up found in our GPU code.  We're now having a workshop to describe it.  Here is the announcement that went out (see below).  Check out this link for more details.

Want to learn how to quickly set up and run molecular dynamics (MD) simulations?
Or are you a veteran to MD who wants to know how to obtain 100X speedups of MD code on GPUs? 

Whatever your MD background, the free upcoming two-day OpenMM workshop promises to be an exciting, knowledge-filled opportunity, featuring experts from both molecular dynamics and the GPU industry. 

Day 1 of the workshop is geared towards MD developers and will discuss how MD code can be sped up on GPUs and in particular, with the new OpenMM 1.0 library. Day 2 of the workshop is for researchers interested in using MD in their research, introducing MD theory and the new OpenMM Zephyr application, which makes it easy to run and visualize MD simulations. You can sign up for one or both days. 

Read more about OpenMM, OpenMM Zephyr, and molecular dynamics (see attached). Or visit for more details.