Overuse of foldingathome.org web pages

Please note that one should not access the cgi pages from the foldingathome.org web pages too frequently, since that means that other people are blocked out of their stats.  We have seen numerous people accessing these pages hundreds to thousands of times per day (most likely by running a script).  

We have blocked the worst offenders for now.  If you find yourself blocked, please see what was causing this (eg turn off your script) and post a message in our forum (http://foldingforum.org) to get unblocked.

One can access our "fast" team pages by scripts.  For example, for the Pande Lab team (team 1), the cgi-bin url is this
this would be an example of a bad url to access frequently.

However, if you look at that page, you will see this

Pande Lab

Date of last work unit2008-11-28 06:53:43
Active CPUs within 50 days3682
Team Id1
Grand Score141820948 (certificate)
Work Unit Count472377 (certificate)
Team Ranking (incl. aggregate)30 of 148437
Home Pagehttp://web.stanford.edu/group/pandegroup/index.html
Fast Teampage URLhttps://foldingathome.org/teamstats/team1.html

Note the "Fast Teampage URL" line at the end.  This url (https://foldingathome.org/teamstats/team1.html) is designed to be loadable quickly.  The top 2500 teams have a fast teampage URL, so it's likely that your team is one of them.

Another alternative is the 3rd party stats.  They are very slightly less up to date (since they parse a file we send out less frequently), but they help balance the load.

Please do not use scripts or only use scripts on the fast teampages or 3rd party stats.  By overloading the stats by using automatic scripts, it blocks out others and makes the stats slow or unreachable for everyone.