Update on network issues

As I've discussed before, we have been having issues with a particular subnet (171.64.122.XX) for Folding@home servers.  The symptoms were dropped connections and general challenges returning WUs.  We asked for a new network, just for Folding@home, and after much red tape we have received it and it has been installed on a few trial servers.  So far, it is looking very promising.  VSP07v ( is an example of a server interface on the new network and it is behaving very well.  We are in the process of updating additional servers.  It's still possible that this isn't a network issue, but given our results with VSP07v, that looks unlikely, so we hope we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have also started rolling out new GPU servers.  The GPU serverstat page
now shows more servers in general, as well as a much lighter load.  This was possible now that we have the new network.  If all looks good, we'll plan on rolling more out in time.