Update on Win/SMP client development

The Win/SMP 6.22 client has been showing several issues, namely:

  1. bad EUE behavior (quits rather than moves on)
  2. no ACK sent issues
  3. core 0x7b errors

We've been working to take these issues one by one and have some progress to mention.  For issue #1 (EUE), we've released a new client (6.22r2) at http://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=4764 .  If this looks good, we'll roll this into 6.23.

We also had a meeting to see what's up with the ACK and have an idea there too.  That will take a client mod as well and that's been coded and is starting to enter Stanford QA, then alpha testing, then beta testing.  This client mod may also be relevant for the new GPU clients as well.

The third issue is still a little perplexing since it is a core issue and in principal shouldn't come with a client update.  Now that we think we may have got the first 2 issues resolved (or at least a patch to test), we're moving to deal with this third issue. I should stress that it's by no means guaranteed that the first two are solved, but we will need more testing to know for sure.

We'll give more news as we know it.