New clients are out (6.20)

We’ve released new clients (v 6.20).  For those running GPU clients (or other clients with an expiration deadline of August 2), please check these clients out.

Known issues:

* Service installation in Vista with the GPU client doesn’t work (noted in FAQ-NVIDIA and FAQ-ATI2)
If you’re updating a service from a pre 6.20 client, you need to remove
the old service first. (Currently being edited into relevant FAQs)

Here’s what’s new in the 6.20 client:

* Added Forums to systray menu.
* Support cpu affinity by default, this is related to an nVidia problem and awaits core-side changes.
* Add additional parameters field in advanced preferences – no more shortcut editing!!!
* UNSTABLE_MACHINE count reset after a correctly finished WU, for long-running systems
* Open configuration dialog box when invalid settings detected
* Fixed core launch directory which caused auto-upgrades to fail if core was present in “Program Files”
* Added additional advanced config options to console clients
* Added MachineID selector in systray gui
* Client shows PRCG on results upload
* Passkey now validated for hex content
* Moved service installation to advanced config to prevent inadvertant use
* Log date and time when automatically attempting to upload results.
* Correctly restore system tray icon when shell (explorer.exe) crashes
* Significantly improved queueinfo
* Multiple copies of the client can no longer be started with the same “start in” dir
* Automatically increase packet limit to max size for results that are too large
* Failed uploads will be attempted again using alternative upload port (8080->80 and 80->8080)
* Removed spurious “benchmarking…” messages
* Added extra_parms support to console clients
* Extra parameters are validated at configuration and launch time. Invalid settings will force reconfiguration
* Fixed and updated service installation to allow use of working directories
* Added ATI FireStream 9170 detection
* Compressed Vista icon to reduce size of executable (saves ~ 200kb)
* Updated MyFolding.html to match style