Planned server downtime over the next week

Starting today and lasting for about a week, we will be taking down servers every day for planned maintenance.  Today, we have taken down servers with the following IP addresses

and they will be back up today (if all goes according to plan).  These servers above are not heavily used, so their downtime should not highly affect FAH.

In subsequent days, we will be taking down other machines (see below).  The downtimes for these machines should be much less (~2-5 hours).

Update date     IP     Machine Name  Contact
24-Jul     vspg4     kasson
24-Jul     vspg4v    vvoelz
24-Jul    vspg4v2   relly1

24-Jul     vspg5     densign
24-Jul     vspg5v    luttmann
24-Jul    vspg5v2   vvoelz

25-Jul     VSP06    densign
25-Jul     VSP16    kasson
25-Jul     VSP21    kasson

25-Jul     vsp07    densign
25-Jul     vsp17    nick
25-Jul     vsp22    karsson

28-Jul     vsp08     kim.branson
28-Jul     vsp09     luttmann
28-Jul     VSP19     luttmann

29-Jul     VSP10    
29-Jul     vspg6-vz7 pande

30-Jul     vspg1     densign
30-Jul     vspg1v    densign
30-Jul     vspg1v2   densign

30-Jul     vspg2     luttmann
30-Jul     vspg2v    kasson
30-Jul    vspg2v2   vvoelz

31-Jul     vspg3     jchodera
31-Jul     vspg3v    kasson
31-Jul    vspg3v2   densign

31-Jul    VSP05     gbowman
31-Jul    VSP11     gbowman
31-Jul    VSP15     gbowman