server down, low on work

Looks like one of our key servers went down and so regular FAH clients (non-adv, non-PS3, non-SMP, non-GPU) will be low on work until the sysadmins get the machine back on-line.  The other platforms (PS3, GPU, SMP, and adv settings) should have plenty of jobs and some even have their own assignment servers (in the case of GPU and PS3).  The sysadmins work M-F, so we expect that they will do a reboot on Monday morning.  In the mean time, we have added some new servers on line with jobs, but they are getting hit hard at the moment.

Finally, we are preping a series of servers to add 1 *million* jobs (I always imagine Dr. Evil saying that) hopefully this week on multiple servers, so being low on work won’t be an ongoing problem after they’re up.  However, until Monday morning (i.e. the next 16-18 hours or so), it will likely be tight (for non-SMP, non-adv, non-GPU clients).