New rules for advanced methods (-adv flag)

In the near future, we will be releasing some new projects which require a very rapid turn-around time.  These are peptide fragment simulations which we are interested in simulating for a time-sensitive collaborative project involving protein structure prediction.

These WUs will go directly to the classic clients running with -advmethods.  Non-classic clients (eg SMP, GPU, PS3) will not be affected, as all of these calculations will be run via the AMBER core and only the classic client supports the AMBER core.

To reward users for participating in this exciting project, we will be giving a x1.5 bonus in the points awarded.  What’s the catch?  These projects will be less rigorously beta tested, so there will be an increased risk of Early_Unit_End errors.  We believe the risk of this is minor (there will likely be a higher rate of early unit ends, especially very early in the WU, but we do not expect client machines to become significantly less stable). However, if you do not wish to participate in this project, just remove the -advmethods setting from your client. 

This will not last forever and will likely go back to normal -advmethods usage in a few months.  With that said, we do plan other uses for -adv in the future.

Note: the text was updated to clarify that this is classic clients only.