Updates to the Download page/GPU2 goes live

We’ve made several changes to the download page.  First and foremost, we’ve tried to simplify it a bit for donors new to FAH by moving the high performance Windows downloads to their own page.  The goal is to try to simplify the long list of possible clients new donors see.  For those who are already experts at FAH, they will notice the high performance client link on the download page (although it may be nice to highlight that a bit more).

We have also updated the GPU client on the download page, with GPU client downloads pointing to GPU2 rather than GPU1.  This is a major step forward for FAH, as we move to our second generation GPU client ("GPU2").  It’s also an important time to note the contributions of the GPU1 client: we’ve been able to learn a great deal of running GPU’s "in the wild," which is very different than in the lab, and what we’ve learned has gone into GPU2.  GPU2 is much easier to run, more reliable scientifically, and has more advanced algorithms.  Due to these differences, GPU1 has become obsolete.  However, we are working to write a paper with what we’ve learned from GPU1 and acquiring data for that paper will need some more GPU1 cycles. 

Thus, we will continue the GPU1 projects for a little while longer (likely a month or so), while we encourage people to transition to GPU2.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has run the GPU1 client and given us such useful data to advance to the second generation client.  So far, the GPU2 client has become a success, with many more people running it than GPU1, in just two days.  We are also working to improve the performance of GPU2 and one should expect to see core updates on a regular basis as we improve the software.  Finally, we are also considering points modifications to make sure that the compensation is reasonable.