GPU2 open beta going well

The GPU2 code beta test is going well so far.  While there are some issues to deal with, it looks like this client is significantly easier to use than GPU1.  Also, we’re excited since the science in GPU2 makes a big step forward.

There’s been lots of suggestions (tweaks to the client, a visualizer, PPD change), and we’ve been compiling lists of requests and going over what makes sense.  Right now, I’d say that everything is on the table, but some suggestions are easier than others.  We’ll prioritize on the easy & important additions first of course (and the hard & less important changes last).  Also, we’re working on a visualizer that will give real time updates like the PS3, as well as a console version of the GPU2 client.  We may hit a show stopper, but that’s on our roadmap.

We’re excited about the turnout so far and are looking forward to doing exciting work together with this new technology.