GPU2 open beta

We’re (finally) ready to start the QA process outside Stanford & ATI for the next generation GPU client (nicknamed FAH GPU2).  We’ve gone through a limited alpha and a larger closed beta test, and we think the client is now ready for an open beta, i.e. a public release of the software that’s still in an early stage.  That’s not to say that it’s flawless, but there don’t appear to be any "show stoppers" so far.

If you have a 2xxx or 3xxx card, please feel free to check out the new GPU client?  You can download it from here

and a FAQ is here

We will next put this on our main download page, assuming that this stage of beta testing looks good.

Please keep in mind that this is beta software.  The client/core may be unstable (although it looks ok so far), the points benchmarking may change due to software or policy changes, etc.  With that in mind, we’d appreciate any comments you may have — please post them in this forum section.  Thanks!