PS3 server issues, update #5

Some good news.  The servers have continued to improve (25-30% failure now, which means that at least 1 out of 2 attempts should work, so only ~2 retries should be needed).  We’ve been implementing and testing lots of different strategies and I think we’ve found one that works best.  We’ve also been in close contact with Sony and they have some ideas on the client side and are working on revisions there. 

We’ve also drasitically brought down the assigns on vsp06, the server which was assigning large WU’s, so to make sure that it’s not loaded when those WU’s need to come back (which should be about now).  So, the bottom line is that the server load is still extremely heavy, but the situation is continuing to improve.  Most importantly, the client mods should prevent this from happening in the future.