Frontiers in Biotechnology inverview

Frontiers in Biotech is a radio interview show.  Some time ago I recorded an interview with them and it’s now available.  You can hear it at .  I’ve put their summary of the interview below as well.  I enjoyed the chat — it was very lively and went back and forth between the world of computers/technology and that of drug design/biotech.  Marc is an expert in biotech (CSO at a biotech) and Steve is a well known expert in computer security, which made the conversation pretty diverse and interesting.

Futures in Biotech 27: Folding@Home at 1.3 Petaflops

Hosts:  Marc Pelletier and Steve Gibson

Guest: Dr. Vijay S. Pande, Director of Folding@Home and Associate Professor of Chemistry and of Structural Biology, Stanford University

Steve Gibson joins me in interviewing a true visionary of
biotechnology: Dr. Vijay Pande. Dr. Pande is the creator and Director
of Folding@Home, the world’s largest distributed computing project
(Stanford University) that seeks to address some of the most difficult
problems in biology.

It is indeed a pretty amazing story: Sony PS3s are the largest
component of the world’s fastest computer, running approximately 3x
faster than IBM’s Blue Gene/L. And, the largest computations are being
performed to simulate biology at the atomic level…