Still digging out from the campus-wide power outage

We’re still digging out from the campus-wide power outage.  This was as major disaster as Stanford could ever have, as the whole campus was out for a while, and chilled water was out even after power came back on.  Moreover, this hapened as everyone was sleeping (I logged off at ~11:30pm and this happened at 11:58pm), so there wasn’t anything we could do to fix it until ~8 hours later.

We’re pushing to get the CS’s back first.  It looks like the main CS ( is having hardware issues and we’re working on that.  Having such a large-scale disaster has given us some ideas on how we can be more ready for this in the future, although there’s already major investigations at Stanford to figure out what happened and how to prevent it (a campus-wide power outage is really not acceptable for an institution like Stanford).