New results from FAH just out in PLoS Computational Biology (paper #52)

We have a new work that just came out in PLoS Computational Biology on lipid vesicle fusion.  I talked about previous work in a previous post (when I talked about Dr. Peter Kasson’s work).  We’ve updated the Results page to include the new work as well (it’s paper #52).  One nice aspect of PLoS journals is that the papers are freely accessible, so you can download the paper without any charges.  Actually, the papers are even distributed with a CC license, so you can do anything you want with them (as long as you cite where the paper came from, etc).

Here’s a movie of lipid vesicle fusion: to remind people what’s going on here, two lipid vesicles are fusing to become one.  Lipid vesicles are very common structures in biology used to contain things (eg contain viruses, neurotransmitters, etc) and fusion is vital to the functioning (how viruses get in cells, etc).