Integrating YouTube movies into FAH web pages

We’ve been working to include more videos in our web pages.  The idea is to make them less dry, more alive, and more interesting.  We have several videos up, describing the basics of FAH and how to use FAH in several places.  We are also moving to try to make a video for each paper that we publish to give a better summary of what that paper was about to a general audience — I think it’s important for FAH donors to know all about the great results that FAH has led to.

Right now, there are videos in the FAQ, Windows install instructions, Results, Science, and About Us sections.  We will be adding more as time goes on.  We will also include community donated videos (in fact, the Windows install video is a contributed video from Michael Burk).  If you’d like us to consider your video, be sure to tag it with the Folding@home keyword.  We’ll include the videos which we think are the best match for our site.