Forum issues

As many FAH donors have seen, the Folding Community Forum (FCF) has been down for several days.  This is a major problem for us as this is how we interact with donors.  WW, the maintainer of the forum, has been working with his hosting company to get a solution, but it’s going slowly.  In parallel, we have been looking into other options, including hosting a forum at Stanford as a temporary or permanent fix for this issue.  We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

In general, this blog is the place to go for information on any of this.  One benefit of it being hosted in a separate site is that if either Stanford and/or the FCF go down, it will still be up.  If all three somehow go down, we may have bigger problems to deal with!

I hope to have more information about this soon.  It’s important to stress that the forum is a third party contribution to FAH and FAH works completely independent of it (the forum being down doesn’t mean that FAH is down — quite to the contrary).