SC2007 demo: new GUI and GPU clients

So here’s what I’ve been alluding to for a while.  With the help of ATI and people in the FAH team (notably Adam Beberg, Mark Friedrichs, and Chris Sweet [Chris is in J. Izaguirre’s group, collaborating with FAH]), we’ve got some nice new software to demo, including

  1. A new GUI for the GPU and non-GPU clients.  Right now, the GUI is coded for Windows, but we will be migrating it to OSX as well.  The main highlights is the new look (check out the screen shot below), new updating scheme (we will update the picture in real time, or close to real time, in the GUI client, much like the GPU and PS3 clients do today), and perhaps most importantly, much better driver support (we’ve fixed most if not all of the bugs leading to driver incompatibilities).  The upshot is that this is a major rewrite of much of the GUI leading to better performance, stability, and much prettier look.  Thanks to Chris Sweet and ATI for their extra help here and Adam for making it all work.
  2. With the help of ATI, Adam and Mark have scrubbed our GPU code very hard and using what we’ve learned so far, we have a next generation GPU core which should be faster, easier to install, and has much more accurate science (at first, comparable to the PS3, but hopefully soon, something even more accurate than the current PS3 client).
  3. The new GPU client should be MUCH easier to install than previous versions.  More on this as we go along, but ATI could make a huge difference here too.

We’re all very excited about this, both from the point of view of attracting donors (due to better stability and prettier eye candy) and due to the science of what we can do.  Indeed, the new GPU core is looking particularly nice scientifically and I’m excited to get this into production.  We do not have an ETA for the delivery of the new client/core, but we’re pushing hard to get it out as soon as possible.  Since this is being demo’d at SC2007 and the cat was out of the bag so to speak, I thought I’d let everyone in on it.