Check out our FAQ's

We’ve been working hard to update our FAQ’s.  We’ve gotten a great deal of help from many people both within the Pande group and outside.  7im (FAH forum moderator) has put a huge effort into updating FAQs for running FAH.  We’ve also been updating FAQs on the science.

The FAQs can be found in general at:

You’ll find many sub-FAQs in addition to the main one.  The reason for the sub-FAQs is to have a specific page to send people to if they have a very specific set of questions (eg how do we do points, what does Gromacs do, etc). 

One FAQ of note is our diseases studied FAQ.  It gives an update on what we’ve been doing on the various diseases we are studying.  You can find it here
We note that we generally do not put everything up here as we need to be conservative in our claims (as any good scientist would), especially until we get through peer review (which can take 6 to 9 months or more).  As our papers get past peer review, we’ll have a lot more to talk about.