Life in Motion Symposium

For those that are local to the Stanford area and are interested in hearing more about Folding@home, I’ll be speaking at the "Life in Motion" symposium this Thursday.  You can learn more about it here .  Here’s a summary:

October 25th, 2007: "Life In Motion"                                 
has teamed up with Stanford’s National NIH Center for Physics- based
Simulation of Biological Structures to hold a symposium entitled, "Life in   Motion".
The goal of this symposium is to educate students and scientists from
different disciplines about the exciting uses of simulations driven by
the laws of physics and mechanics across a range of scales, from
molecules to organisms. The talks will be presented by a series of
experts and innovators from around the world

The talks will be pretty broad in range (not just molecular and not just simulation), talking about motion in biology.  BTW, "BioX" is a broad, interdisciplinary initiative at Stanford (and the Pande group is part of it).