Meet FAH team member Adam Beberg

While Adam Beberg is currently a grad student at Stanford in the Computer Science department and a member of the FAH team and Pande group, Adam has been collaborating with FAH from the very beginning.  Adam has experience with distributed computing beyond FAH, as he was one of he founders of and from his experiences with that, wrote the Cosm library to help with many areas, including writing distributed computing code.

In his thesis work, Adam has worked in many areas, including distributed storage (more on that later), distributed computing code, as well as the GPU code.  For now, I’ll highlight on his work with GPU’s (and will comment on the rest at a later date).  Adam has helped make major steps forward in our FAH code for GPUs, taking the code from "academic quality" to something which is very robust and could be broadly useful.  This was a major undertaking, requiring knowledge in many areas including both the science, internals of GPUs, and the whole tool chain.  With Mark Friedrichs (a programmer in the Simbios center and Pande group), our GPU code is looking great and we hope to be making some major announcements soon (although it’s too early to talk about more details now).